Investment Management

Bart Bergman – Mr. Bergman has been an officer of an SBA licensed venture fund for twenty-six years. Beginning in 1982, Mr. Bergman was an investment officer for Capital For Business, Inc. (CFB). By 1990 Mr. Bergman was President of CFB Venture Fund I and became President of CFB Venture Fund II, L.P. in 1993. He held these titles until he joined MidStates Capital Fund I, L.P. as its President in January of 2000. Mr. Bergman has served as President of the Regional Association of Small Business Investment Companies and as a member of the Board of Governors of the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Illinois State University in 1977.

Tim Keeble – Mr. Keeble has been responsible for making venture investments for fourteen years. Since 2000, Mr. Keeble has been a Principal at MidStates Capital Fund I, L.P. From 1995 until 2000, as the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for Bartlett and Company, Mr. Keeble directed the investments in venture capital portfolio companies and in Bartlett’s investments in other venture funds. Mr. Keeble’s career prior to 1995 includes four years of public accounting experience and seven years as a corporate controller for Bartlett and Company. Mr. Keeble serves on several portfolio company boards and is currently a Director of Academy Bank in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Keeble received a BS in Accounting from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 1983.